Cash Advance Review: Is It Legit Or Just A Scam?

We all have those days when we need financial support when things do not seem to be going right or when it is that time of the month when money sees you and runs the other way. At such times, we always seek the quickest way out of the financial dilemma we are in at that time. We may think of friends and family, but they may not be in a position to lend you some cash. You may also consider banks, but they take too long to process your requests. You may even have another pending loan with the bank, and this automatically disqualifies banks. What is the next quick option out? Cash Advance is your next brilliant move.

What Is Cash Advance

Cash Advance is a portal that is designed to be used by anyone who wants to get a quick loan or payday. It is a system that has to be accessed online. The development of the system incorporates safety measures to ensure that every detail you surrendered is safely kept from malicious use. It is a perfect portal for short-term loans, and the best part is that they can give you the loan even if your credit history is speaking against you.

Cash Advance is under the management of an Indian tribe called Ute. This portal is subject to the laws and reservations that the tribe may have at any given time. When you use the portal, remember that APR and finance charges apply. The APR charges can be up to 200% or more.

How To Use The Portal

It is effortless for anyone to use the Cash Advance portal. The user interface is straightforward, and you will not face any challenges. First and foremost, you have to log on to the website which is   

Once you are logged in, enter your name, your zip code, and an active email address. The information above helps the portal to identify lenders that are within your area. There is also an application form that you are required to fill that contains further details about the loan. For the applicants, there are some requirements that you have to attain before moving forward. These are:

You should be an employee where you are working for at least 90 days

You have to be eighteen years and above for you to request for a loan

Your income has to be at least $1,000 every month after all the taxes have been deducted.

You must submit your working phone number, your home address, and a checking account. They must all be valid.

Once the form is submitted, a list of available lenders will be displayed for you to choose the one you prefer. Every lender will have different terms and conditions as well as the fees they will charge you. Once you pick your lender and the application is processed, the money will be sent to your bank account. It can take around twenty-four hours for you to be able to access the funds.

How You Repay Your Loan

Cash Advance typically schedules an automatic deduction of funds from your checking account that you used when applying for the loan. This happens when the due date for paying your debt comes.

In case the due date is fast approaching, and from the look of things, it seems as though you will not be able to pay the loan, ask for an extension of the due date. Speak to the lender directly and see what an extension means to your finances. Even so, remember that loan extensions do not come cheap.

What Are The Consequences Of Not Paying The Loan?

There are always some very touch consequences when you fail to repay your loan whether you are dealing with a financial institution or an online money lending portal. Typically the person or institution that you owe money can come and collect any property that is worth the amount they lent to you.

When you fail to repay your loan, you will not deal with the management of Cash Advance. You will deal with the lenders. Any time you fail to make payments and you have not contacted the lender; they can easily reach out to a collecting agency. The agency will come and take your property that equals the amount you owe. This will affect your credit score significantly.

The Advantages Of Cash Advance

It offers you a list of lenders to choose from: this is one of the most excellent facts about Cash Advance. There are a lot of lenders that are signed up with the portal and from different places. All you need to do is to pick the one that you prefer.

The funds get processed at a rapid rate: This is an advantage because they can get you out of financial troubles within twenty-four hours. The money gets deposited into your bank account as soon as possible.

Bad credit will not affect your case: regardless of how your credit looks like, as long as you meet the requirements of the lender, you will get a loan.

Loan repayment is very easy: the lender schedules an automatic deduction of funds from your account when the due date comes. This is very convenient.

The portal is very safe: the safety of the Cash Advance portal is not at risk of any data loss or illegal access from outside world for malicious intents.

The Cons

The rates can be a little higher as compared to other means. However, it is worth it because it lets you get away with bad credit and you get your loan very fast. It is worth the sacrifice.

Is Cash Advance A Scam?

Cash Advance is not a scam. A lot of people have benefited from the portal over the years. As long as your loan is approved, you will get your money. They will also deduct what is due to them only and not a dollar more. Pay your loan on time and contact the lender in case of any delays for an extension. This is the only way you will have a smooth experience.

Final Verdict

I will recommend Cash Advance for anyone who is in a financial fix and needs a quick solution. Cash Advance has proved its worth,

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